Did I Mention That A Nexus 7 Can Take Dictation?

Well, it can. And it’s at least as accurate as Siri. (sorry iPhone users)

And you already have everything you need on your classroom Nexus 7s, so let’s get started.

First click on the app shortcut external image k864O_u7alEEltGRzvDL3evgowpCCfkpA4INwmzZMftnXT5Xu0eIlorBZxjNqKTtUW5UO2cYCEpjUPgtWd-Qtt3QTP3ROG04tOB6mG6JijVZqi1hDDpECOQXQysMGW1ztgYxUfw at the bottom center of your home screen. Now find the app named “Keep”

bexternal image _SAZkGJcseuzHol2dpuxzVsXdEyOpX-2-QlAUZrm7mCGuRBaBPk_J67veRLjf4kVhimJAKytrpM4gUSiOGHTCtwSzPnHHlzeIow-VSn5gIU-PJq5jLGIhPW3xis1HKCD5f3-2aw

You can touch and hold it to drag the shortcut out to your home screen or you can just tap it to launch it right away. Once you launch Keep, you will see some options. You can type up a note, format the note, change colors, add a picture and record a sound (just like MS OneNote). So let’s record ourselves by clicking on the microphone icon.
external image 7FPlSL9EycduOktDTd37mlGKRU_jU_yif0RZBPCBKdvYibQII4PsERVlj5CocQGQgQO4YHxgtvTYD8mXrKbUTKkne10KNpVeor3pGd_WRhSKqV7q3dxaSFM-QvkR_8Naw2EXdwE

I’ll just click the microphone icon and then record myself saying the phrase “then speak normally and watch what happens when you finish”.
external image P3VRwwghpcdL9FGUU1YnJRKP1GMswIHdyQw-CHJZGecAGeGqOpy3NY4VwSu7hobmhxhsBJ9eJG2ROwLRSMisMGic3d2_qTTxALNb7ubd5gn54TMH6rvngbVnMRt_hbLH7VVGikI

As soon as you have a significant pause (or after about two paragraphs) google assumes that you are done and you should see something like this:
external image DhK-V7PyicQHyTQPx8G7bW-6ONXzVofLeZn-h_NhJGOiHR9kwP7Jgux0c0kJhdUCmsmkb7bwtFhTsiYDSW8d5sKc-X6PxvwvuKNTfsTHHpEcywmJfbYuUXO4_qyLsRwKzMsYdUk

Now I have an audio recording of my voice and a transcription of whatever I said! Notice it’s not perfect. Google missed the “and” before “watch” because I was probably speaking too quickly. (I blame caffeine.) Be that as it may that’s still pretty sweet! Google helpfully brings up the keyboard automatically as well since it assumes we may need to do some editing.

If I’m logged into my google apps account on the Nexus, the “Keep” file is automatically placed in google keep on my google drive which I get to by going to __https://drive.google.com/keep__

On a PC Google Keep looks like this:
external image zQXE2fo_iQ8Sf2TJmqmO9cK-M9WBOQmXrRcL1xbHTUCIYWl35GaDTdXmpUmAhN6W9Rp-1C-a8y37R5lRw41u8b1mhN--8zRH_FVfc9Lk_EqTeHevBa--45NrXUUggmFafZufrEY

If I click the file, I can edit it, share or download it like any other google document.

external image 1dmfb0470PDlotRsgZD47rjThiD42ZbQS20SKgwu9q0rpFnNYl7AiKp6oG4qJICTFZk1coQufLzZyLq7uYM1iHbAtbeUVXOwcgTukHdjhi6ZlJzIisf9thC7rkNe3ieul5JXNuo

I can also upload the file to my Google drive and share it that way. I’ll just give it a name and choose my account.
external image Xi5F5HZi6O_E0XHZ2UQJTYZ3V4yN4BpJTtPVK9y-Trz2EDbDAdS2v6i2z3ekZe5HM5Rq2YGN3wkiuCiQCaWlVlkNFVXNLJ3o0owgIPwbGwq6r9GywiwASeQ5CqNnPAgVKHT-X5k

Now I can go to google drive on my laptop and search for the file by name. There it is.
external image 5U8RGzdIWV5XrzQImVSLuFjbBn8qApmuJlT04QkBg_dSSP-p-8lFt9VMq-lzkhfxCOGyOyzPxWctnEgLvUFAMafQuQpTMdUEw6dfTOOlzoqX5vF6miJPuA-th4MpUbbVbzH8BXU

There are often numerous ways to share any file created on the Nexus 7.
external image O_AuIJtzIvHyNt4sHjK0qXjjzNb5k3FY2ffh_mJHwAX1X0O78Nr4vyf2dwqXPqQ7NEtSCncEGZJT_ojr-g_BAeW57RUS0s9xgzhFtzd2BfLIa66gTjS9N-SnYcl_b-HZkAUu3UQ

I can also share “Keep” files via bluetooth, email, dropbox, Skype or any other app I happen to have installed on my tablet that is capable of file sharing.
external image MXdfhGOYohMd06uYmu9B55ET-s9T8dkkA16ls1uir1VmUNdht_Z9SFiAY3jw4K7dE-PIeSjpM8bLounDxB4yQSRfODmHbHpFXDwcTDE7_AysMErbmDIjJZtoCiu6BseN5NQePt8