How Can I Resize An Embeded Site Inside A D2L Widget?

So here is a Symbaloo that has grown and now has to be scrolled within to see all the icons. How can we go back and increase the embed area to prevent scrolling?

external image x-_gaoaiu64iGhEcrgIySj-U3fO2hXwCTdfK5cI78rCMzh3v-VUHIV_N3aK-2Geb-IcxHqotvGO6snuK8inP0R9h6kAWg3WwCtZoKWAGKUe_nN17kWkoqxvUY12zWyL1dHnkUqSY

Place your widget into edit mode by whichever means you prefer. The simplest is to choose “Edit this widget” from the drop-down menu to the right of the widget’s name.

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Click on the “Content” tab.

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Look at the bottom right of your widget for the </> icon (HTML Source Editor).
external image HLgIToYSDTSHzNYbrSZfhfbrA7uD9cW4IvR8iX6tJt7xB9IwW6xeAwSDbAbJ5bNKJ9gvaePnAc2nFKbncFoGtdw-o8x15592TEzcHlK92TPFp6Z5efGZ0NItnXuR7SJQNKa3gJbL

HTML Source Editor will bring up a dialog with HTML code. Don’t Panic! The only thing you are worried about it are the size parameters (width="760px" height="620px"). “px” stands for pixels. Simply increase the number of pixels and save your changes. You may need to tweak a bit to find the perfect setting. A good rule of thumb is that 800 pixels is the standard width on an old computer monitor. Once the scroll bars disappear in your preview, you are good to save and close.