How To Upload Long (more than 15 minutes) Videos To YouTube

I touched on this in the training document on G+, but I thought I’d create a seperate document since I often hear some misinformtation about the YouTube accounts being limited to 15 minutes of video at a time. So, if your lesson videos occasionally need to run over 15 minutes, here’s how to add that capability to your YouTube channel.

The first step, of course, is that you will need to have created a YouTube channel for your account. (If you have uploaded at least one video, you have created a channel.) If you go to the upload page for your channel, (figure-1) you will see a link directly under “HELP AND SUGGESTIONS” which reads “Want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes? Increase your limit.”.

Click on “Increase your limit”.

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Now, you should see a screen like the one shown in figure-2. At this point Google will want to verify your account (yes, this is a potentially sneaky way of collecting your phone number, but no one says you have to supply your personal phone number.) Please be aware that once a phone number has been used to validate two YouTube channels, it can’t be used again for this purpose.

external image LtWpE5jAAtmTmAaPyokeOgp7j17H6BXL9r_yvn4Baq4fcx_FtslHalcp8sijDYDITT6Tco6JdXh_8kPLJgj2Bt7yn-HhKxCR16yNPw4HQdVFYTu7py3J5AusACAuyYD9znD8wVQ

Select whether you want YouTube to call with an automated message or text you the validation code. If you select to be called with a voice message, make sure you are close to the phone. You will see the warning in figure-3 and they mean what it says. The call comes almost instantly! (Seriously, it’s just a little scary how fast the phone rings.)

external image b2n6NzTMgSOB2CWzTEgoiFrUtYQ87sX1ZqkN6STVBZaxNEQi1DBfmoXi1WzesYqXxTDtHtgUCxJVKhrIRjXGCJASmtpYIf1tKr0y9j1avL7VcjqiDZLK8R__l-HHd7wx_TOX2wE

Click “Confirm” and input the six digit code into the text box and that’s it! Your channel is verified. Upload a video of your entire class or your first, full-length feature film if you like and maybe even think about taking advantage of video conferencing and Google Hangouts at some point in the future. (Which this process also enables.)