How can I add a missing calendar so that I may create events or subscribe to them?

The easiest way to add the lab and project cart calendars would be to go here -> __
and then click on the external image _hb49-ilxvk9qhpAyo7Q8-ctGY_JPzjxTAYPLrn1wwja6mvc6Ozmav-lR3f4uKZNBDOddaKhTpqRcwWlqzlCaLOz5j_enMD7kTpWnqFLU8ite9cwA_mcC3CBtePuRr4sxWJBa8Y in the lower, right-hand corner of each calendar that you want to add to your calendar tab in Google.

You can find other calendars (and the lab and project carts as well) here -> __

Remember to only sign up for the actual periods you will physically be in the lab with students (and your lunch period). That way other teachers can use your planning time. (All day events will be removed.) You should be as detailed as possible in what you plan to do in the lab and communicate with your tech team at least two days in advance if you anticipate needing assistance. Remember that this sign-up process replaces the data collection forms you used to have to submit. (I don't think anyone wants to return to that procedure.)