How Can I Use YouTube Videos With My Students?

Okay, as most of you are aware, the county has set the proxy filters up so that all of the workarounds that we have used for YouTube over the last couple of years no longer work. The best we can do at the moment is to find an alternate way to share the videos you wish to use with your students while at school. (Discovery Ed and Safari Montage are currently valid choices.)

I’m going to continue to recommend that you first post your videos to YouTube as this is a much more elegant solution for students viewing videos when they are anywhere other than school.

Okay, once you have created and uploaded your video to YouTube, you may want to take two more steps before closing your project. Why not burn a DVD of your video while your video is sitting there? It’s easy! If you created your video in Movie Maker, just choose “Save Movie” and then click on “Burn a DVD”. Pop in a blank DVD and wait.

external image S-VHBjgL4SXgufzkv-2iaUvhpVWLUn6BB-7kKRWMWb7ebNolILvtBv0KdnKA_8ZqRQUBXwjwuUMfKjTjX5ODNHKcSzTb2kCth4BZWfjUlEF150YNtFVsZdjq104Xvw9lPbCj-xw

Once your DVD is done, you may also want to choose to save using “For computer” to create a smaller version of your movie which you could then share with your students using your Google drive, eClass, or Discovery Education (on a BYOD device) or even the good, old share drive (on a student PC).

If you used Community Clips or some other way to create your movie, just open your movie in Media Player on your computer and click on the Playlist shortcut (shown below) and then click on the tab labeled “Burn”.

external image jl2Ihcz0j1eYBw-vb4pQGbgoNtF_m8SWPsHmLoEZZrFKWG-59JbsATCGmo5ngVLD9l1nvcBI3MX7mJIal5jpU80A3cY3rxNwuMd8aTKJ1tHN4zHZlurjRe_zhhhs9W_P7LgDJ74

external image YLhb4t-VaX2snYhEV6zet5aNFyltnVZRPg0dxwvAU1dj6F5-8TPPWNTIUosgZIVV5onJCGwp4aO3IwHL62Qkjh80gDA9xwdy1WoYJxQLdjDK1WRfKcLgiar9MsFrIOD2VuvI57g

Once you are at the above screen, navigate to the files you want to include on your disc and drag them over to your “Burn list”. Finally, insert a blank disc and click on “Start burn”.

Be aware that older DVD players (like the one in your classroom) will not be able to play this data DVD disc. You’ll need a relatively modern DVD player or a computer to play these files. If you need to play them in an old DVD player, just open the clips in Movie Maker and then follow the directions above to burn a DVD from within Movie Maker.

Now, you should take the same file you uploaded to YouTube and upload it to either Discovery Ed or Safari Montage. Links from both of these sites will stream rather than force users to download your video. (This is what happens if you simply upload them to eClass (D2L).

If you have identified YouTube videos you wish to use with your students at school, but you didn’t create, I’m also going to show you a Google Chrome browser extension that will allow you to download the video from YouTube. I’m going to recommend that you then upload that file to eClass or Discovery Education. Students will then be able to download and view the video from within their student portal. That’s right, they will have to download the videos before they can watch them and this may take some time depending on the video’s length. Like I said, it’s not elegant. But it will work.

Okay, so the first thing you will need to do is go here -> __ and click on “Install” external image unQYmGuYwd-JXQSIqRrtK26uS-PbNLUESLm4plZz2VWFfSFpCHaC0AYXyUTVGhx-3iMmlzZz5xzOz4_r05CkgM8OrbWayFRsL1f8bflHJPjX43qQ6SJ2yhxBc773cGAKpxOn0nEat the bottom of the page. This will not install anything but it will download the extension you need to give Chrome the ability to download YouTube videos. By default, Chrome will download it to your download folder.

The next step is to actually install the extension so you can use it. Click on the wrench or the 3 bars in the upper right-hand corner of your browser (next to the bookmark star) and choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

external image aSSmcg5jUJm4KXXkSWx-Lkj-f7nCeT_EQhw1lLz9sH0Osa8oKCqZdaSDshUie4ULv4bBUVfTNZcp7SUyut9KUYSXeAIONgnVYvw77dI7sVdlnSIIKbDC7lIHD5oA5IHhFYw2dQg

Now click on the word “Extensions” under “Chrome” in the leftmost column.

external image 5vgbhmhHGHLbiXHX1QBeQLfNDrTKLChK2upMAe3e_5BkrP9tvw_UUC-iokhf70w2DGy7FApN2HRUc_ZofKkSyn9uk8pqIJceWEOpyvJ4FitSUNQzWD1xOtMaKLmEBO2YCC_jcSA

From here you can simply drag the extension named “fastesttube_2.0.1.crx out of the download folder and drop it anywhere on the Chrome settings screen.

external image OP_kLuDDK5lOKMSIGX7WXuxBxCiPedEUYxfkyMeFawiaWKMEJ73F3Pps7yqNFSCStdfkHb3katKTXcLNG3qfvCK-g35scSLMSrMYbIDOG63MIJp6i6aiMOgLm4nWsdLnmsSPoQw

Depending on your browsers security settings, you may need to confirm the install.

external image tCLjVw9om1fhz3EGFLg2Lq37S13RKUyCzndsI8lCGaUfm7wCNkRflJ9BpGB4hYlmk2fSHBRcTs_sEuPnBnXtodrvFGOcohBVdRhqfezQe9P7s-VU89-YrA1gfjM0JFQDYPj0mQU

Your extensions screen in Chrome should now show the new extension as “Enabled”.

external image BU3eg5LOpXV8PFSfDJ3SzoejxWQ4l_2_wQEdTr-bF_lwcacHXpI6uUfgFB5rr5m0E1usU8NPGqOPCmQW7Cow8KAsswLGJUkFf5xGqBXZyRehw4F5x4Zqttw983mAUp2a3MXPTZ0
Now go to YouTube and find a video you wish to use with students. Now look down below the video next to the Like thumbs and notice the tool labeled “Download”. Depending on the video you may have a couple of options. I would caution you to choose the smallest resolution available and to choose “MP4” rather than “FLV” (Flash Video). After all, one of the few advantages to this clunky workaround is that your students don’t have to have Flash.

external image WPw2V9Maf7oB5zS_b9Ab-dAaO9CV7UZvvICGJNxDVOZDonajjWgKa6z1uyLJbQl9n2ha6tEIKzzVKldMd6X4ntKoiObLkpUo1vzUfweGFnEBlMlEm8rd4jK2SueFTbzUfIQO1Rc

There is another solution __here__ that avoids having to download the video but does require your students log in to the student accounts I have created for them at Discovery Education.

Finally you can use third-party websites to convert streaming video content to downloadable files.

1.Find the video on YouTube that you wish to use.
2.Replace the portion of the URL after __www.__ with __www.pwn__
3.You will be taken to a web page with a number of options for converting and downloadingYouTube videos. Be Careful! Not all these sites are above board. Do not choose a site that requires you to download any software.
4.The page will help you by grouping the more dangerous sites together.