How Do I Add The Classroom (Local) Printer In My New Room?

1) Find out the IP address of your new classroom printer by pressing the button labeled “OK”. The LCD display now should say “Setup Menu Reports”. Press the “OK” button again. Now the menu says “Reports Demo Page”.Press the up arrow key (directly above “OK”) until you see “Reports Network Report”. Press “OK” one last time.

2) Your printer will print a one-page report titled “Network Summary”. Scan down the right-hand column. Beneath TCP/IP there will be a field labeled “IP Address:”. That is the IP address of that printer.

3) In Windows, open Devices and Printers.

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If you had a classroom printer object last year and just want to change it to your new room, right-click on the old printer and choose “Printer properties” and then click on the “Ports” tab. Highlight the checked port and click the button labeled “Configure Port”. Replace the old IP address with the new one and leave the name alone. Click ‘OK”.

If you have no old classroom printer to modify, click on “Add a printer” and then click “Add a local printer”.

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At the next screen choose “Create a new port:” and select “Standard TCP/IP Port” from the drop-down. Click “Next”.

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Next to “Hostname or IP address:” type in the address from the report you printed earlier. (The name is filled in automaticaly.) Be sure to separate the four octets (this is hexadecimal notation for you math teachers) with the periods. Click “Next” and Windows should do everything else for you.

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