Virtual Help Day With Google Classroom
Making the case for a class of one
This is the Google Classroom version of __this eClass document__

Getting students to accept extra help can be tough. We know that some students just just take longer to master a concept than others. That’s not a big deal for us but students tend to confuse speed with intelligence. So how do we discreetly get students the extra time with the material without letting their peers know?

Well, you can use groups of 1 in eClass. If eClass is a little too cumbersome for you, I’ll remind you that you also have the rights to create an unlimited number of Google Classrooms. You can create a single, remedial class or you can create a class for every student that needs extra help. (Of course, you can also create a separate classroom for students who need to be challenged.) Either way, the only people that know about these groups or classrooms are you and the students enrolled in them. Another plus is that you can quickly add and remove students as needed so they get the extra time they need only as long as they are struggling.

But I can’t keep up with my existing classes how am I going to manage an extra dozen tiny classes? Well, first of all, for some students the only thing that may need to change is the due dates. And remember with Google Classroom you can reuse the same lessons and materials again and again. You can create a single lesson and assign it to all classes with a single click.

Here’s how.

1.Click on the big “+” in the lower right-hand corner of your Classroom.
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2.Decide what you want to do.
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3.Create your assignment, post, question, whatever . . . don’t click “POST” yet!
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4.Click the disclosure triangle next to “Post in”.
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5.Select all classes you want to use the assignment in.
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6.Now you can click “POST”..

7.The students can now work at their own pace and at home.